Friday, April 30, 2010


I learned to make Stromboli here in the Midwest. A lady I met up here that I became friends with taught me this recipe.

You will need one frozen bread loaf
1 lb sweet Italian sausage
8 oz mozzarella or Italian cheese mix
Non-stick cooking spray or olive oil

Let your bread rise according to package instructions.
Brown your sausage and drain the fat. Let cool
In a bowl, combine your cooled sausage with your cheese. Set aside.
Here's the fun part: spray you dough with non-stick spray or drizzle olive oil over it and punch it with your fist so that it collapses. Work the dough with your fingers stretching it to the edges of your large baking pan. (see pictures). Spread your sausage and cheese evenly on the dough. Now carefully starting at one end and sliding to the other end, start rolling your stromboli. Tuck in the sides, and try to not let any of the filling spill out.

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