Friday, April 2, 2010

My Kind of Town: Chicago Is

The first time I visited the Windy City was in October of 1992, and it was as if I had always known it.  Everything seemed so familiar.  I felt at home.

I now live a two hour drive away, but unfortunately it has been almost two years since I've been there. My husband says my attitude changes as soon as I see the silhouette of the city come into focus from the expressway.  I become unusually happy.  My visits to the city in the last few years have consisted of hectic one day tours in the summer.  We park the car and walk, or take the free trolleys.  I've seen all the museums, and although I don't like to shop, I just adore Michigan Avenue.  I love the water taxi rides on the Chicago river and on Lake Michigan.  I have gone to the top of the Sears Tower and have seen the curvature of the Earth. (Yes, you can see it from up there. Notice the picture I took above, summer 2008).

I've eaten Chicago style pizza, and Chicago style hot dogs, but I still haven't found a Cuban restaurant. Oh, I know they exist. I can google you know, but from what I've read online, non of them sound authentic. So if you can recognize true Cuban food, and know of a restaurant in Chicago that serves it, please leave me a comment. If I'm lucky enough to get there this summer, I will definitely check it out.

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