Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My daughter is in California this week. She called yesterday and told me she was enjoying a BLTA. Must be avocado, I responded.  Seems like they put avocados in almost everything in California.  I have another friend from California who recently commented on this blog that he likes his double cheeseburgers with "lots of bacon, swiss cheese, avocado and if possible, grilled onions." I guess California did invent the California Roll with avocados, and they grow their fair share – approximately 90% of the nation's avocados are grown in California.

We had an avocado tree in Florida which made me bias to preferring the Florida avocados which are larger (often growing twice the size of the west coast fruit) and juicier with a light green, smooth skin. It is less buttery than the California avocado and contains up to half the amount of fat – plus because it was grown in my back yard it was free.

Tonight we're enjoying a BLTA with avocado from... California!
4 slices crisp fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bread mayo, Simple.

By the way the fat in avocados is the the "good" kind, so if you want to eliminate fat from this sandwich, eliminate the bacon!


  1. I love avacodos, I eat them on almost anything! Tis the season!

  2. I sincerely think I'm going to try this sandwich without the bacon and more avocados, an ALT.

  3. Ivonne, ANYTHING with a good avocado tastes better! And yes, I am that friend from California who likes his cheeseburgers with bacon, avocado and swiss cheese. Also, give a twist to an old Cuban standby: An olive oil and garlic sandwich on fresh Cuban or French bread with a slice of avocado... HEAVENLY! Also, cube an avocado (you peel it first, of course) and "dump" it inside your favorite plate of soup or Cuban potage... You can also make a most refreshing and nutritious avocado milk shake or smoothie the same way you would use any other fruit to make a shake or a smoothie. And from the Old School of Cuban cooking: Ensalada Guacamola (NOT the Mexican guacamole!): peel and cube equal amounts of fresh pineapple and avocado, slice a red or sweet onion (Vidalia or Maui will do) very thinly. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Dress with a simple vinaigrette. It's so fresh and to die for! Until next time, kiddo! Hugs.

  4. Pedro, I'm going to make the Ensalada Guacamola soon. Sounds yummy.

  5. Glad you will, Ivonne, and glad my short story meant something to you. Gotta run! Kisses.

  6. I came accross your blog one day a few weeks ago (maybe a month ago?) while I was looking for a recipe for rice pudding.
    Oh. My. Gosh!
    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I grew up in New Jersey, in a city (Union City, if you're curious) where EVERYONE was latino. My parents are from Mexico and Spain and our friends were from just about everywhere. At church we would have potlucks all the time and I remember eating so many dishes from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic....you get the point. I moved to Indiana when I was 19(totally the midwest)for 8 years (moved back to Jersey almost a year ago)and I missed all of this delicious food! I would pig out when I would come visit family. Making this kind of food was a little difficult out there!
    Anyway, I've always wanted to make things like that, and while I do make latin food pretty much all the time, your recipes are making it that much easier. We're gonna be moving to the south here pretty soon and I'm so glad that I will have your blog to take with me!
    I just love, love, love your blog and I wanted you to know!! **hugs** from a latin chick in Jersey

  7. Thank you so much Sharline. I'm very flattered. Check back soon for more recipes. A hug for you.