Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creamy Chicken Salad

I haven't posted much this week; I've been pretty lazy in the kitchen. Yesterday I made a chicken noodle soup which I totally did not photograph, and today a quick creamy chicken salad which I did photograph. I mention the soup because I took the two chicken breasts from it to make the chicken salad. I put the boiled chicken breasts through a food processor to grind them (I had intended to make croquetas de pollo, but did I mention I've been lazy?)  Anyway, it's pretty simple and tasty.

2 cooked chicken breasts passed through a food processor
1/4 cup red onion, thinly chopped
1 celery stalk, thinly chopped
1 small carrot stick, grated
3 to 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise (you can use about 4 ounces of cream cheese and less mayonnaise if you prefer)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all these ingredients together. That's it!


  1. Looks really yummy. I haven't made chicken salad with the chicken in a food processor. It looks good that way! I haven't posted much all week either. I'm back at work at the school, kids start back tomorrow! Takes awhile to get back in the swing of things again after the summer off.

  2. I know what you mean, it's not just physical but mental!

  3. Well, I had not come by your kitchen in a while and I am glad I did today. That chicken salad looks awesome! I wish I could have some with some galletas de soda... YUM! Hugs and kisses.

  4. Hello Pedro. I had not been by my kitchen in a while either! Hugs and kisses for you!

  5. Mmmm, I had the same thought as Pedro-galletas de soda would be awesome with that salad! I never would have thought of using cream cheese, either. Thanks for the tip. It's funny, I was talking with family last night about chicken salad. I need to make some this week!

  6. Hey Sharline, nice to hear from you. If you add the cream cheese it becomes more like a bocadito spread which is yummy too!

  7. Lately I haven't felt like cooking too much either. Must be the weather and everything else going on. However your pix looks delicious and I haven't made ensalada de pollo in a very long time! I'll have to save the recipe. As a matter of fact, I'm making chicken breast tonight and if there are any leftovers, I'll do your receta.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Maria, let's blame it on the weather. Happy to be of help in the inspiration department.