Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon Last Night

Here's a picture of the moon from last night. Where are the food pictures and the recipes? Ahh, I've been lazy, not of cooking but of writing it all out. This blogging business gets tiring, but I do have some pictures in the camera and something sitting in the fridge.  Check back soon.


  1. Iknow how you feel. I am glad you and a few others don't feel like we have to post every day. I do cook everyday but like you don't always measure and write it down. The food photos are waiting to be posted. Or I make something again that I like and can;t post twice about it, sometimes we do repeat dinners! :D

    Lovely moon, we were moon watching too when we walked the dog last night. It woke me up shining in my face in the middle of sleep!

  2. Lyndsey, could you imagine if we didn't repeat dinners, and had to come up with something new every night? We'd be howling at the moon! (the moon certainly was bright last night)

  3. Ivonne, this beautiful shot of the moon taken by you is worth an entire roasted pig with a side or moros and yuca, so don't apologize. It's just gorgeous! Great artistic eye! XOXOXOXOX