Friday, July 16, 2010

Time for my husband to order out

I had some snow crabs and mussels in the freezer (nothing is fresh here) and decided to prepare them enchildados. This photo was taken at the halfway point. Didn't get a chance to take one at the end, it went too fast (I had company, it wasn't just me, okay).  I posted the recipe for this back in March. Click here.

My husband went out and got himself some chicken wings. Go figure.


  1. That is too funny! A beautiful pot of crabs and mussels and he had to get take out...I'm with you...go figure!

  2. Umm que delicioso. I bet he didn't get enough of your yummy recipe.

    about your question on my 2 reds+2 greens;
    Yes they are tomatoes, one grilled bell pepper, i green onion and some basil leaves, and drizzled with olive oil.

  3. LOL Elisa, he won't eat shellfish. He's a meat and potatoes man. Your tomato salad looked great, simple and appetizing.