Friday, July 23, 2010

Gotta Have That Ribeye

Sometimes you just gotta eat a steak. I can go quite some time without eating any significant amount of red meat, but every few months I crave a steak—an American steak—not one of those skinny Cuban Palomilla steaks buried under mounds of onions and shoestring potatoes. Just a big fat ribeye steak seared in the frying pan and cooked to perfection. Nothing added to it, not even salt. How 'bout you?


  1. Yes you are right. I love a good grilled steak! I don't usually eat much red meat except steak. I never use ground beef. I do love a good porterhouse or ribeye!

  2. haha well not really I like my thin cut Bistec de Palomilla smothered in onions lol.

    but yeah sometimes we crave those large juicy steaks, my grandma well get a large t-bone steak, rub it with crushed garlic, salt, and a squeeze of lime then pan-fry it smothered in onions soooo good that's the ultimate one for me ;)

    honestly though red meat we love it, it's like the main meat in Mexican cooking and in Cuban cooking (well pre- Castro and here in teh states cuz in Cuba now cows and beef is government property but yeah ropa vieja, vaca frita, picadillo (used for millions of things), bistec encebollado, higado, carne con papa, even chunks of beef in the Potaje's instead of pork, etc.