Friday, March 26, 2010

They're baaack!

That retro crock pot that you remember from your mom's kitchen is hip again, and believe me, that slow cooker is a major time saver. Many years ago, I owned one that I used regularly. Then they fell out of favor when microwaves became an affordable home necessity (yes, I was around then). Between fast foods, instant foods and frozen pre-packaged foods, we stopped spending time in the kitchen; and who could blame us? No one wants to work all day, then come home and spend an hour or so preparing a meal that will be consumed in 10 minutes? So I donated that old fashioned crock pot to charity, and into the new modern culinary world I ventured … until last year. I went out and bought myself a new crock pot. You can literally drop a frozen roast in there in the morning and it will be thoroughly cooked and tender by dinner time. You don't have to check on it, stand over it, pamper it ... just go! The crock pot will cook it for you.  There are many recipes out there for crock pot owners and I have begun once again to use my crock pot to aide in my Cuban dishes. So here we go....

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