Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sorry I've been so absent. I've been working on non-food related projects since the start of the year, and pretty much just whipping things up quickly in the kitchen. I haven't made much Cuban food at all, and in reality I'm out of recipes to post without repeating myself.

I've also been very careful lately of what I spend at the grocery store.  I've been meaning to bring up the subject of how quickly grocery prices have increased, and how the packages are shrinking. The other day I bought a pound of spaghetti pasta for which I had a coupon, a pound that is, until I got home and realized it was only 13.5 ounces!

Anyway, I hope to get back into posting recipes, just need some inspiration. :)


  1. Food is relatively cheap down here in SoCal if you know how to shop (good weather, we grow things year round, good agriculture, cheap labor from illegals, plus we are like bordering Mexico and get a lot of produce from there too) & with a lot of stores it gets competetive. I shop mostly at the big chains of Hispanic stores.

    Like get the flyers from the various stores and see what they have on special (vegetables, meats, etc.) only buy what they have on really good deals/ specials and revolve your menu around that, and learn to cook with what's on sale type thing.

    You can cook some Spaniard food, Tortilla de Patatas, Tortilla Paisana, Fabes Con Almejas, some mixed yellow rice dishes, arroz con pollo, garbanzos con langostinos, lentejas estofadas con costillas, pollo al ajillo, callos, pinchos moru~nos, Pisto Manchego, Huevos a la Malaguena, I make that stuff occasionally.

    Cuban food you can try harina de maiz con camarones, harina de maiz con patas de cangrejo, maybe there's a Potaje you havent made, Caldo Gallego, Huevos Habaneros, Pollo al Mojo de Ajo, Pollo Asado en Cazuela, dulce de papaya, bacalao a la vizcaina, majuas fritas, sopa de cabeza de pescado, higado encebollado, bistec de palomilla encebollado, etc.

  2. I bumped into this blog and I am drooling. I am not Cuban, nor in the midwest, but THANKS.

  3. Welcome to the blog dogfishdavid!