Saturday, July 2, 2011

The veggies are growing

I know I haven't posted any recipes lately. It gets to the point where you just repeat the recipes you have according to what you like to eat and what your family is used too, or.... you order out! It's been unusually hot here in the Midwest this year. I blame it on global "weirding." It seems the weather has just been wild this year, but luckily for us, it's given us the right amount of rain and heat for our garden to grow.
Big Bite Tomatoes

Green Bell Peppers (we have some red ones coming up also)

Cherry Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Better Boy Tomatoes
Super Steak Tomatoes



  1. That's a good looking garden. I just can't grow good tomatoes here in Florida. I guess I'll stick with my herbs and fighting the squirrels for my mangoes. I certainly know what you feel like not posting as regular. I feel better when my blog buddies don't post as often so they won't expect me to do the same. Some times you do just have to repeat dinners you like or pick something up...right? :D

    Have a wonderful 4th of July Ivonne!

  2. Lyndsey, I think we're going to have way too many tomatoes, but since it's our first garden we weren't sure which would be best. I'm sure we won't be able to eat them all! I'll be making batches of stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce, plus I'm sure we'll still have enough to give away.

    Have a great holiday!

  3. I'm jealous :D lookin good :) mmm those onion leaves would make nice garnishes and even would be great in cooking :) and Ivonne there's no such thing as too many tomatoes I LOVE TOMATOES ha ha I enjoy them on their own just biting into a fresh juicy tomato, sliced in salads, you can blend or grate them and use em instead of tomato sauce in cuban dishes, I like scramble eggs and sautee them w/ wedged tomatoes with salt, sugar, and a little bouillon powder and eat it for breakfast with rice, etc. or i'll sautee them wedged with onions, garlic, and oyster sauce and serve as a side dish and yes you can make tomato sauce and preserves out of them too :)

  4. Hello Nathan! When the tomatoes are ready, I'll be posting what I make with them. Next year we will probably add a couple of beds and plant garlic, lettuce and green beans as well.

  5. Your vegetable garden looks fantastic. Everyone in my dh's family seems to have a thriving vegie garden in Illinois. I don't know how they do it. I can't grow anything down here other than herbs and most times, they just die from the heat (and neglect).