Friday, December 10, 2010

Feed the World

Many years ago there was a time when I had to choose between bus fare to get to work and lunch.  I was very thin then.  :)

We had a client, an elderly man who was working past his retirement years.  He would stop by once every couple of weeks, always around lunch time, and every single time, he would call first and ask if we wanted anything to eat.  I would always reply "no, thank you."  One day he walked in, came right up to me and handed me a Cuban sandwich.  Surprised, I said "I can't pay you for this."  He responded "I know, but you don't deny people food just because they can't pay."

I follow his example to this day.


  1. I like when you can draw on someones good deeds and caring attitude to make one think of how you are with others. Thanks for the story and encouragment to help others.

  2. This made my heart warm! I try to live by this motto: "never supress a generous thought". It seems this man knew all about that! What a good example!

    Also, I loved your repurposeddenim bag! I made abag like that when I was first married and I still love it! Yours us really cute!

  3. I have been the recipient of good deeds from strangers several times in my life, and for that I feel very fortunate and humble. We are all connected, and the simplest gesture can make a grand impression.

  4. Yvonne, this post is just beautiful and brought to memory the time I had so little money while going through nursing school that I just did not have the fifty cents they charged students at the hospital at the time (while doing clinical practice) and would go into the garden to smoke a cigarette (this was 26 years ago!) and tell my classmates that I was "on a diet" (thin, "gorgeous" —BACK THEN!— and flexible as I was!). On the second or third week of this routine, this classmate from the Phillipines approached the garden table where I was with two trays of food and said to me: "I know that you eat no lunch because you have no money. I am in nursing school because I never did anything in my life but make money in real state and I want my children to be proud of me some day for what I give back as a nurse". Saying this, she pulled out of her purse this big roll of money and showed it to me, stating:" See this? I own two appartment buildings in Glendale and two houses in La Crescenta. I have money. I don't ever want to see you go hungry again while I am your friend and we are in school together. When my brother came to the United States from the Phillipines twenty years ago he was taken under the wing of this very kind old American lady who feed him, gave him a place to stay at her house and helped him go to school to make a life for himself. I swore when I came into money that I would never let anyone I could help go hungry."

    I cry as I write this to you, not because of the hardship I had to endure initially, but because of the love and feelings of gratefulness this beautiful gesture from this beautiful human being evokes in me. We lost contact over the years, because her children grew and she moved to different places and maybe because it was meant to be this way. But I have never forgotten and ask of God every now and then that whenever he comes across this woman, to please take into account the beauty and generosity of her soul.

    Her name is La Purísima Sabangan, and we used to call her "Pury". May God bestow his graces and his infinite love upon her and her family, wherever she is today.


    Now I am completely dehydrated from so much crying! It's taken me forever to write this comment! But I'm glad I did and I'm glad someone also had a beautiful gesture towards you and that you also carry on the tradition in the art of giving and the art of giving of yourself.

    A very tight, long, warm hug today... I think we both need it. :-)

  5. Now you got me crying! We tend to remember the bad, but there is much good in the world. 'Tis the season... Love to you Pedro!

  6. Pedro, it brought tears to my eyes too. Thank you so much for sharing your story!