Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where's the food?

I've been so uninspired to cook anything new. A couple of days ago I asked some friends/family what their signature dishes are.  The replies:  hamburgers, ribs, mac-n-cheese, meatloaf, chicken wings, cupcakes, brownies, arroz con pollo and shrimp wontons.  What did this little survey tell me? When given a choice, people prefer simple, no-nonsense food.  Aside from the arroz con pollo, which takes a bit of time to prepare, and the shrimp wontons (I must get the recipe)... it's all pretty standard.

In a little over 6 months I've posted close to 150 recipes. At this point, my husband is asking for a steak and baked potato already... jeez.  So for now I'm slowing it down to gather my resources and recipes for the holidays.  I've just about made anything Cuban that my family will eat (and a lot that they wouldn't), so I may have to venture once again into uncharted waters! I'll be back.


  1. I have slowed down a bit too, sometimes you have to make some of your stand by favorites that you have already posted. I do make a good steak, but it's hard to post about that because it's pretty basic I use onion powder and Allegra marinade. I also love my salmon and Ahi Tuna, but again I just use Goya mojo(my daughter always liked it that way and I wasn't going to change a thing if she's eating salmon) on the salmon and Makoto's ginger dressing on the tuna!

    I do like simple, quick and easy, but tasty recipes. I would still read your blog if you ventured out a little. ;D Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

  2. Honey, just because you started this blog as a "Cuban" cooking page doesn't mean it has to be solely and necessarily about food and cooking and things "Cuban". You didn't title it "Cuban Kitchen in the Midwest", so, since YOU are the "Cuban" part of this blog's title, YOU can do and post as you wish. Fair enough, fellow Cuban? LOL XOXOXOX

  3. Actually Pedro, I was thinking of diversifying a bit and venturing away from posting about food all the time. After Blogger added the "stats" I realized that the 10 most popular posts are always the same. I've already prepared what people want to know.

    I think I can still keep it interesting without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Thanks for the encouragement. XOXO

    Lyndsey, thanks for being a faithful follower. I can't wait to see just exactly what I'll come up with either! LOL

  4. Mija your not done with Cuban lol. we have TONS and TONS of variety just that you cooked most of the typical stuff :)

    What about the "Ropa Vieja"?

    It's getting cold where's the "Ajiaco" hmmm?????

    "Pollo al Mojo de Ajo"?

    There's some more "Potaje's" and "Guisos" left.

    "Guiso de Carne de Res Con Maiz"
    how about "Carne de Puerco con Quimbombo"?
    the "Fricase de Pavo" typical of "Noche Buena"

    The Chilindron and all the cornmeal based dishes (like harina de maiz con camarones, and harina de maiz con cangrejo")

    I have soooo much I want to post and cook I don't find time to fit it in lol.

    How about those Spaniard dishes in a lot of Cuban repitoires.

    Idk in my house it's like "endless" lol. however we vary a lot betweeen Cuban, Spaniard, and Mexican cooking. And do eat a good amount of "Asian" foods and some AMerican.

    Your not done with your Empanada doughs either.

    Uuuuuuuuummmmm... idk :)

  5. Ha Ha Nathan. No I'm not done with cooking Cuban food, and I haven't forgotten about going through the list of empanada dough! LOL. Just taking a break. There will be a food post soon.

    Elisa, thanks!