Thursday, October 28, 2010

Been A Long Time Since I Rock & Rolled #1

Lemons & Flower, 11"x14" acrylic on corrugated cardboard
It's been a long time since I've practiced painting. Now and then I get inspired and I'll paint something such as the cow at the top of this blog. Most of the art I've created lately has been digital.  I was reading one of my follower's blog (please check it out): Art-by-MSR and she recently posted about another blog Paint and Draw Together which presents a "challenge" every three weeks. Long story short, I decided to give it a try. I know it's not too good, but it's a start. I'll post theses little projects as I go.


  1. This is terrific! You have a loose technique and lovely shadows and the cardboard actually plays well for the tabletop, as she had in her photo. I think you should try the next one on canvas for the sake of longevity. Cardboard will not hold up too well over time and you'll want to preserve your lovely work. Oh, and thanks so much for mentioning me. I'm so glad I inspired your creativity!

  2. Mria, thank you. I had no intention of keeping this and didn't want to waste a canvas on it! LOL. I'll put it in with my sketches to see how I progress. :)

  3. This is GREAT! I like this one the best of all the ones posted there so far. Did you send it in? I am going to go check now.