Friday, June 4, 2010

What you don't eat.

Dieting is not so much about what you eat, but about what you don't eat. For me, it's mostly about eliminating anything that is high in fat. Of course there's the good fat and the bad fat, for example, bacon – BAD, avocados – GOOD. The first thing I eliminate when I go on a diet is red meat (some of you are gasping, I know). Actually I don't miss it at all, I have gone years without eating red meat. Next thing to go is fried food, (this I miss), desserts, sugary drinks, etc.

I keep the starches! Yes, I  know that starches turn to sugar, but I'm eliminating fat, and how many food groups can I go without? Besides, rice and potatoes and pasta are good for you. (I know whole wheat pasta, brown or wild rice, yes... but I want to diet and be happy – is that an oxymoron?)

Now, here's the conundrum: how do I do this with Cuban food to stay faithful to my blog? I'm going to put on my thinking cap, any suggestions are welcome.


  1. I think you can stay faithful to your blog and not have to exclusively share cuban food recipes. The people who follow you regularly are already fans of you, your food, your stories and your pictures! So just blog about your experiences-trying new food. Or maybe you can make your cuban food with alternate ingredients that are healthier to your waistline.
    And cutting the red meat? That's definitely the way to go! I don't think you're crazy one bit!
    **hugs** Good luck with the dieting (and the blogging!) :-D

  2. Yvonne, how about "Cubanizing" your "diet" choices and you telling us the result of your experiments...? Perhaps this could be the basis of a bestselling diet cookbook for Cubans and everyone else in between... I'm not kidding! You could be standing right on the verge of creating a culinary revolution for Cuban cooks and cooking (too pretentious to call it cuisine, or so I think, sorry). How about making all those delicious Cuban potajes (potages) vegetarian (black beans potage is already vegetarian in its most original recipe) and making them taste fabulous, different from each other and most of all, CUBAN? On the poultry department, to give you an idea, my father in Miami makes the only turkey breast that tastes like deliciously tender and fragrantly tempting leg of pork or pork shoulder! He marinades it in the fridge for a whole day with the Cuban mojo we use to infuse pork meat and then cooks it very slowly (covered over a low flame) for hours, until it is perfect and can fool your palate and all the other senses (that is actually the way pork and other dishes were "roasted" in Cuba, over the stovetop, when you did not have an oven and wanted similar results). The first time Brandon and I had this dish cooked by him, we ate it happily and enthusiastically thinking it was amazingly lean pork! My father waited well until after the postre (dessert) to reveal "the truth and nothing by the truth, so help me God", we were both astounded and pleased to no end, because we both despised turkey ('til that day)! Good luck, kiddo! If anything else comes to mind, I'll float it your way.

  3. The way I stay thin is I usually do low carb, high protien, high fat, and high fiber.

    Lots of protien rich meat, and fiberous vegetables. Plus doing cardio n exercise is even more important really helps at leat do 3 times a week 1 hour.

    Avoid high carbs & sugary desserts

    honestly you can eat cuban and healthy it's real easy. Just make sure you balance out the meal with salads and vegetable side dishes, and measure the amount of rice you eat.

    A cuban meat dish (any the tomato based ones or pan-fried one's etc.) 1 cup of rice, sauteed/ cooked vegetables or raw salad, and if you want to make it heavy a small bowl red or beans is pretty healthy.

    Sometimes a bowl of "Potaje" alone with a small portion of bread is filling and nutritious.

    We don't eat fried plantains, and tubers everyday nor desserts it's all about balance.

    Grandmother being from Spain we always have good olive oil, raw salads or sometype of vegetable side. (most veggies are delicious just sauteed with garlic and olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper to taste) or my mother being Mexican she'll sautee most veggies with onion, garlic, and diced tomato sometimes a chile or two.

    And those heavy rice, beans and meat meals we usually eat them once a day.

    Breakfast is usually a shake or something healthy,
    lunch is rice, meat or fish, and veggies. Dinner is rice, beans, meat or fish, veggies
    night time usually snack milk, fruit, etc.

    I mean we eat Cuban and my family isn't obese or anything like I said before the main problem is the really high carb consumption of many Cubans bread, rice, starchy fried or boiled tubers. sugary desserts, and sugary carbonated drinks and beverage in excess is what kills Cuban Cuisine sometimes and all those are VERY easy to control once you get control of those the Cuisine isn't so bad.

    trust me watch your carbs, eat balanced, exercise and you'll be fine. A lot of times it's what we eat outside the home and snack as well.

    If you dieting only have water as your main beverage, indulge in dessert occasionally, etc.

    There is nothing unhealthy about a "Ropa Vieja", "Picadillo", "Carne Con Papas", "Bistec de Palomilla", "Sardinas Entomatadas", "Lengua Entomatada", "Fricase", "Chilindron", "Frijoles Negros", "Pollo al Mojo de Ajo", "Gambas al Ajillo", "Ensalada Cruda" or any type of vegetable escabeche. etc.

    Feel free to go to my blog and look through some of the vegetable dishes we usually prepare at home, etc.

  4. You know it's the whole fat free, high carb craze that's also getting Americans as fat as they've ever been...

  5. Thank you all for your suggestions and support. Hugs for you too Sharline.

    Pedro, that is a good idea, but I've been learning as I'm blogging. You guys had to teach me how to make rice for goodness sake! We'll see though, I'm willing to try.

    Nathan I have been avoiding the treadmill lately, but I do plan to get back on. When I was your about your age (you look young enough to be my son) I weighed 125 lbs. Yikes!

    I will disclose more about myself in the coming days... maybe I'll even post a picture for the "before and after" Ha ha!!

  6. Never reveal your "fat" pictures or your "inside" beauty sources and resources, daaahling!!! That's rule number one to keep a somewhat 'glamorous' image', if you are to become a successful Cuban culinary author and Mega Midwestern Cuban Diva (hehehehehehe). Remember those fat pictures and videos will inevitably end up on TMZ, Pérez Hilton (hate that troll!) or YouTube. Better show us the end result. Hugs.

  7. Pedro, I am laughing so hard!!