Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picky Eaters

It took me a while to learn that picky eaters don't get invited to dinner parties. "You need to learn to eat everything," my mother would warn. "What do you think your future husband would say when he takes you to meet his parents and you don't like what they serve you?"  The thought of losing a possible husband over food was very distressing. "I'm doomed," I thought considering that as a child I hated all food.  There were three things I liked: chocolate ice cream, fried plantains and olives –not combined of course.  I would sit at the dinner table and stare at my food. Everyone would finish and walk away and I would sit there and stare, not allowed to get up until I was done. Most times it came down to endurance. How long could I sit? Out of sheer exasperation my mother would give in.  Later she would sneak me a bowl of ice cream before bed. (I know!)

Now, decades later, I'll eat almost anything, and probably too much of everything. Since I started this blog I've gained weight, so for the month of June, I plan to diet (I'm chuckling a bit as I write this, goes to show how confident I am). Cuban food and diet are never written in the same sentence, even the salads are fattening. So my posting will slow down a bit for the month, unless of course, you'd like pictures of my diet food.  Hmmm.


  1. I'll take pictures of your diet food! Maybe it'll inspire me to get on one myself! :D

  2. Yes we want picture of your diet food!

    Funny, my mom used to make us stay at the table until we ate everything. I would sit at the table and gag down cold potatoes (I think that's why I don't like potato salad) never was a big potato fan. Now I think my parents are more picky eater's than I am. They must of hid it well when I was a kid.

  3. Okay ladies, it may get boring, but I'll give it a shot starting tomorrow. I'll also be frank and write how tall I am and what I weigh, oh my! See you then.

  4. I think that may be interesting for the rest of the world to see what your diet is and maybe it may help with the weight loss.

  5. Eh it depends wat ur eeating habits are I eat cuban food and am pretty damn slim, my grandma (Tata) who taught me took a lot of Cuban food is also fairly thin her whole life.

    Our eating habits are just a mixture of spanish and cuban. We eat a lot of raw salads dressed n vinegar, salt, and olive oil. Veggies in "Escabeche", fresh fruit and so on the meals are pretty balanced, and don't over due the "almidon" at the meal table. The reason a lot of Cubans get fat is cuz they eat rice,bread, and starchy veggies all at the same time that's just over kill to much carbs together w/ beans it's crazy and they top it off with sugary desserts and stuff, not to mention the blend of "American" soft drinks anyone can gain weight like that.