Thursday, June 3, 2010

Diet: Post #2

Mixed salad with olive oil and vinegar, sweet corn and a couple of sardines in tomato sauce from a can. I always keep sardines in the pantry. Sardines are actually very good for you. They are high in nutrients and vitamins and are packed with protein. Unfortunately many people don't like the "fishiness" of them. I argue: They're fish for goodness sake, what are they supposed to taste like, chicken???


  1. canned sardines in tomato are great cooked in a salsa criolla :)

    love them too :D

  2. I was thinking about that. I've always eaten them right out of the can, thinking they may fall apart if I cook them... since they are already "cooked"?

  3. Yvonne, I love sardines, though I get mine skinless and boneless in olive oil. You can always slice some sweet or red onions very thinly, add some cappers, coarsely chopped fresh cilantro and a splash of balsamic vinegar and voilà, you just have some fancy sardine dish that you can eat either with crackers of French or Cuban bread or some of that good white rice. You can also make a tortilla de sardinas (sardine Cuban omelette). Just make sure you drain the sardines really good and cut some green or regular onions to add to the egg mixture and some chopped parsley (I know, you ARE ON A DIET....) How does Martha Stewart do it??? Love and kisses.

  4. I.M.

    You just submerge them into the sauce carefully and simmer them for a very short time just to heat it through. Don't toss them in the sauce just submrge them and ladel the sauce over them in the pan carefully. Cover adn let htem heat through like that, carefully place them on a plate and ladle the sauce over.