Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Food Routine

Not long ago I had to write down everything I ate for one week.  Everything ... a piece of candy, a swig of espresso. After one week, I realized that I eat just about the same thing all the time.  Most of us do this.  We generally have the same thing for breakfast every day; lunch may vary, but not by much; the same with dinner.  Outside of special occasions or holidays, we stick to a pretty routine diet.  We know what we like, we know what we can eat, we know what we can afford to eat (if it were up to me, I would eat lobster every week), and we know what we shouldn't eat.

Be it for health reasons, financial reasons or geographical reasons, our eating habits can sometimes change drastically.  Just moving from one neighborhood to another can alter your eating habits.  I can remember certain stages of my life by the food I ate.  Just as a song or a movie can take you back to a certain age and trigger a certain memory, so can food.

Recently I've discovered that starting a cooking blog can change your eating habits as well.  I have expanded my repertoire of food choices, and opened myself up to new culinary experiences.  Although I've had years of practice for many of the recipes I've posted, some of them were new to me, and I have included them in my dietary routine.

Now and then, it's good to try something new and make a change. This weekend I've taken a break to think of and explore new recipes for the coming weeks.  Check back soon to see what I've come up with.

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